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Case Study: Office Technology Provider

835% Increase in Qualified Traffic

Client Profile:

An office technology company of 50+ years in Duluth, GA had ambitious goals to grow their bottom line revenue for the eventual preparation to sell to an investor.

Their primary source of revenue was generated through the sale of copiers and printers, but also maintained lines of business in business phone systems, and managed IT services.

With 120 employees, only three were marketing positions, who’s daily activities centered around inside sales/telemarketing activities.


Marketing Case Study:
Office Technology


Before 2018, cold calling was the number one form of prospecting for this client. Inbound Owl was hired to improve the technical quality and overall appearance of the website, as well as develop and execute an inbound marketing strategy. 

Current marketing efforts were earning marginal results, despite a significant volume of personnel being used to achieve these results. 

Website traffic volume was at just under 2,200 visitors per month, with 49% of the traffic making up direct traffic – people who already had the website’s URL, and just 42% making up organic traffic – people who discovered their website through a search.

Inbound Organic Traffic Starting Point


The website re-design was built in cooperation with the previous site. The navigation menu was simplified and a better user experience was developed after analyzing the traffic behavior of current site visitors.

Modern design techniques were used to elevate the overall look of the website, specifically focusing on improving the homepage and main lines of business pages.

An inbound marketing strategy was developed that included blog and social media content. Weekly updates to the content were made that focused specifically on what their ideal customer was seeking.

Inbound Organic Traffic Increase


After a steady increase in traffic over the course of two years, qualified traffic reached a maximum increase of 835% during that time. Additionally, the company  won one of its largest deals in company history from an organic inbound traffic lead.

Total website traffic increased to nearly 20,400 per month, with 86% of that traffic being organic. With blogging content viewership significantly on the rise, the overall website domain authority increased, resulting in rank improvement of the main lines of business pages to the first page of Google’s search engine results.

The resulting success triggered an investment made in producing video content to further their marketing reach. Many other industry competitors have yet to attempt a similar strategy, with the number one cited reason being that it “doesn’t work for [their] industry.” Others who have attempted the same strategy have yet to implement it at a comparable level of success. 

In May 2022, this business was sold to a larger organization for an amount far surpassing its initial valuation. 

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